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Detoxing in the hydrotherapy spa is an equaled experience in relaxation and healing. Hydrotherapy increases the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system, which increases waste elimination, and replenishments of nutrients.

Take 25 minutes to sit back and unwind, and let the salt do the work. You'll walk out feeling revived and refreshed. Take that deep breath of the salty air and feel the difference.

Infrared Sauna

The heat of the saunas also increases the relaxation of the muscles, softens the skin and underlying fascia, and releases endorphins and other relaxation hormones in the body, triggering the relaxation response.

An infrared sauna produces some of the same detox and health benefits of exercise, such as sweating and increased heart rate. Sweating is a great way to cleanse toxins from your body. Also, some studies have shown that infrared saunas can assist with treatment for high blood pressure and headaches.

Salt Cave

A visit to our Salt Cave is a great option for detoxing. Enjoy our Himalayan Salt Cave decorated with Pink Himalaya décor and a view that can’t be replaced.

This relaxing option allows for the salt to infuse into your body. This infusion has great health benefits, such as treating allergies, asthma, COPD, eczema, and more.

Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapists are experienced and skilled at customizing their massages to cater to the needs of their clients. You won’t get your standard massages here!

B&B’s will be offering customized lotions for clients to have for their massages and be available for purchase.